Q: What is a vook?

A: A vook is an enhanced digital book that blends a book with high quality video and links to the Internet and social media for a rich new storytelling experience.

Q: Is a vook similar to an eBook?

A: A vook is an entirely new integrated media experience that blends a book and video — bringing them together as one medium.

Q: What do I need to read a vook?

A: You need either access to the internet via any computer, or a compatible mobile device. Vooks are compatible with both PCs and Macs and are also available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Other formats, for other devices, are in development.

Q: What does a vook look like in my browser?

A: The application allows readers to interact with the content in four views:

  1. The read view presents each chapter in its traditional format while integrating logical video breaks.
  2. The watch view plays high-quality, full screen videos that bring the words and story to life. You can read along with the text in a pull down window.
  3. The mix view combines both the text and video on one screen.
  4. The connect view engages the reader with related conversations on the social Web.

Q: After purchasing a vook online, how do I access it?

A: During the checkout process, a vook reader must create a user account on — creating a user account allows consumers to access all the vooks they have purchased online. It also controls all preferences and bookmarks saved by the reader. To access your account, go to any page on and click on Access It Here in the upper right hand corner. Then follow the instructions to your account page. You will then be able to access all vooks you have bought on the web.

Q: After purchasing a vook from the iTunes store, how do I access it?

A: You must sync the vook with your iPhone or iPod Touch the same way you would any other application. You will then be able to access it on the go.

Q: If I buy one version of a vook, do I have access to the other version as well?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer multi-platform access. If you want to access a particular title on both your computer and your mobile device, you will have to purchase both versions. This is due to the separate checkout carts used on our site and the mobile provider's site.

Q: What genres will vooks cover?

A: No genre is off limits. We hope to cover every genre of books.

Q: I'm an author. How do I get my book turned into a vook?

A: If you are interested in having your book turned into a vook, please contact us at [email protected]


Q: What are the system requirements for the Web version?

A: To experience a web-based vook you will need at minimum the following system versions:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Firefox 1.5 and higher or Safari 2.0 and higher
  • JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 (Download the latest version of Flash)
  • Windows Windows XP 2, Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7, Macintosh OS X or Linux with 1GB RAM or higher.

In addition, each vook contains many great, high-quality videos. To really enjoy these videos you need a high-speed Internet connection. We recommend a DSL, cable or LAN connection. Like many leading video sites we recommend a bandwidth of 1,500Kbps or higher for the smoothest viewing experience. You can test your bandwidth to see if your connection meets this requirement at

Q: Do you download a vook? Can you stream it?

A: From a computer's browser you don't need to download any software to experience a vook. streams the videos directly to your computer. Vook relies on an industry leading content delivery network to provide a seamless video streaming experience.

Mobile versions of vooks are individual applications that you download via Apple's iTunes to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Q: Can I read my vook without an Internet connection?

A: At this time you cannot read the browser application without an internet connection. We are exploring several different ways to enable offline access and expect this feature to be available in the future.

Mobile versions of vooks can be read without an internet connection and can be enjoyed anywhere.


Q: Where can I buy a vook?

A: To read a vook on your computer go to our vook product index page to see all the titles we have available at this time. Vooks are cross-platform compatible; you can read them on both a Mac and a PC.

To read a vook on-the-go, you must purchase the vook directly from the iTunes store. Currently, vooks on-the-go are only available for iPhones and iPod Touches. Versions compatible with other devices will be available in the future.

Q: What is my user ID?

A: Your user ID is the email address you registered with when you signed up to buy your vook.

Q: What if I lose my password?

A: Not a problem! Click to log in to the vook you want to access and click the Forgot Password link. A new password will be sent to you automatically. If you have any problems with any of the links, CLICK HERE to contact our customer service.

Q: Do you store my credit card information?

A: No. All credit card processing is handled through our partnership with Paypal, the safest, most secure way to send money online. PayPal adheres to international PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for data security adopted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB to establish a “minimum security standard” to protect customer's payment card information. As Vook does not have direct access to your credit card information we will never store it or share it.

Q: What credit cards does Vook accept?

A: Vook, through PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card in the United States. If your credit card billing address is outside of the United States, we only accept Visa and MasterCard through PayPal at the present time. Billing to your credit card account occurs at the time of purchase or shortly thereafter. Debit cards and check cards have daily spending limits that may prevent the processing of your order.

Q: Is your checkout secure?

A: The web-site is secured with a Web Server Certificate. All transactions are protected by industry-leading 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. The Secured seal on our checkout page will always verify our credentials are authenticated and valid.

Q: Can I return a vook after I order it?

A: All sales are final. There are no refunds, returns or cancellations after purchase.