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    From formatting errors to styling challenges to distribution woes (oh my!), eBook-making can be challenging. Although our tool makes it easy to design your eBook by dragging-and-dropping, Vook knows that what eBook makers really need is a community that will toil night and day, holidays and weekends, to overcome the obstacles to creating quality work—and to getting it out there!

    So we’re proud to announce that an important feature of the Vook technology platform is our virtual community of Vookmakers who share, comment and help each other create quality eBooks.

    We can’t reveal all of the details now, but we can let you know that when Vook launches (soon! you can sign up now), users will have access to our “Love+Support Network.” It’s a rich database of advice, guides and best practices that includes all of our accumulated eBook knowledge.

    The Love+Support Network offers:

    • Answers to straight-forward questions like “where do I get an ISBN number?” as well as solutions to more complex issues like converting InDesign files.
    • Real-time support in which Vook employees—editors, designers, and programmers—assist our partners and peers in making quality work.
    • An intuitive search function that leads you to a question like yours.
    • A place to praise your peers for their eBook content, covers, and designs. Share your work for feedback and encouragement.
    • Forums in which you can post ideas and suggest features to help shape future Vook functionality.

    After producing over 1000 titles in-house, we’re now excited to share our expertise with you. This support community and its ideas will grow exponentially when Vook releases its beta to thousands of users who have already signed up for the new platform. Sign up at Vook.com.

    Jeffrey Yozwiak
    Community Leader

    Want to learn more? Email jeffrey@vook.com

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