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  • What Would Shakespeare Do?

    Shakespeare might be the gold standard of great, serious literature, but in his day, the bard was all about putting on plays that were boisterous, vivid and loud. He was also an innovator: Shakespeare invented words, dramatic devices and creative staging solutions.

    It makes sense that he’d be in favor of the kind of innovation that would bring his works to life, says Alan Rinzler in an article for the Forbes blog. Rinzler argues that Shakespeare “knew his poetry needed to be heard aloud, to be read by actors who could understand and illuminate the meter, rhythm, and beat of his iambic pentameter.”

    If the bard were around today, he’d probably want to make something exactly like the “Shakespeare: Love, Love, Love” Vook; 14 videos of Shakespeare’s sonnets performed on the streets of New York.

    Rinzler says it is “one of the best examples of new-form publishing I’ve seen…the visual experience gives a whole new dimension to understanding and appreciating these perfect gems in verse.”

    The best part is, you don’t have to travel to a theater to experience it, in fact, you don’t even to pay. The Shakespeare: Love, Love, Love app is free for the iPad. In this portable, dynamic format, all the world is definitely a stage.

    You can also get Love, Love, Love for iPhone and web browser, or get a sneak peak at Sonnet 138 in the video below:

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