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    Chief of VookMakers, Chris Markiewicz making Vooks in NYC

    Chief of VookMakers, Chris Markiewicz making Vooks in NYC

    Vook is rapidly extending its technology platform to literary agents, authors, book packagers, curators, publishers, networks and trainers. Helping us make that happen is a growing group of VookMakers who source and curate content for Vook and use our platform to publish directly to 12,000 points of distribution.

    We are currently recruiting one specific breed of VookMakers who can scout content, curate it, package it and use our platform to publish the work.

    Here is what we are looking for:

    Creation: We want text, images, video, and design. We want experimentation, we want art, and we want an audience. You’ll need to be able to blend multimedia into a comprehensible whole.
    Curation: You won’t be able to produce enough titles on your own. At Vook, we reward initiative: We want you to reach out to other bloggers, authors, videographers, and designers. We want you to grow your network and recruit other creators. As a Vookmaker, you’ll be part editor and part originator.

    Becoming a VookMaker is easy, find out more by contacting Greg Bateman at Greg@Vook.com

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