Vook gets $5.25MM in funding; Huge Momentum for 2011

by Matthew Cavnar on

Things are very sunny at Vook these days! We were featured in the New York Times Magazine, where the author, Virginia Heffernan, described our Vooks as “fantastic”. It was great to see her lend credence to Vook’s mission of lighting up the world’s content.

As if recognition from the press was not enough to put a smile on our faces, Vook is very pleased to announce that it has received $5.25MM in funding from some of the leading venture capital firms in the United States. We are using the round to accelerate our momentum with new partnerships and building new technology solutions that will allow us to create better titles in larger numbers and maximize our marketing efforts.

We’re very excited because our new and existing investors have recognized that Vook is a pioneer in creating engaging reading experiences for the exploding e-reader, smart phone and tablet space. (Watch for some amazing titles to be released in 2011!)

You can read the full press release, here.

If you’re a publisher, author, or agent and want to learn more about how we can help you create enhanced titles, click on the link above to view our new publisher portal, publish.vook.com.

And don’t forget to try some of the Vooks that the Times Magazine suggested, including “Louder Than Words” by Joe Navarro, JFK:50 Days by Terry Golway and Les Krantz, or Digital Photography: An Introduction.

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