The Critics Are Loving Vook!

When you work for a start-up, your company is like your baby. You wish that you could run around telling everyone how beautiful and brilliant and exciting it is. However, etiquette dictates that you keep quiet, hold your baby up to world and hope that everyone else thinks it’s amazing, too.

This week, the world has been singing its praise for our baby.

We started off the week with our 90-Second Fitness Solution Vook promoted on the front page of the iBook store.

Then, the great reviews started rolling in.

Jason Sokol at Marketing Matters wrote about three of our business titles: Gary Vayernchuk’s Crush It, Seth Godin’s Unleashing the SUPER Ideavirus and Tom Peter’s The Little Big Things. He also took note of the work we’ve done to make user experience better than ever:

What excites me the most about Vook is that they are continually innovating. I am incredibly impressed with the amount of progress they have made with their products in such a short amount of time. This is a great company and one you should look at. The Vook is a cool idea and with the success of smart phones and the iPad, they are poised to do quite well. [read full article here.]

In an entirely different sector, school librarian Laura Fleming reviewed Kafka’s Greatest Stories on her blog, EdTech Insight. She wrote that our videos enhanced her understanding of Kafka’s text, and noted that Vook could be a powerful tool in the classroom:

The Vook stands to transform learning in a 21st Century classroom and link together applications in a fluid sytematic way. The possibilites for a Vook are endless in my eyes and I’m looking forward to see what the future has in store for them. [read full review here.]

We’re confident that the future has quite a bit in store for us, and we can’t keep wait to keep showing our Vooks to the world.

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