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  • People like e-readers! Well, Duh

    Another possiblityNot to be mean, but it does seem typical of the mainstream press to now announce that regular people seem to be liking e-readers.   I mean, when I went to a dinner party in New York six months ago with some of the most dyed in the wool print folk and one of them walked in with a Kindle — which I quickly appropriated, to see what he’d bought — they should have been tipped off:  I mean, I know people in their 60s and 70s — yes, I’m old enough to know people like that who are almost my contemporaries! — who say they’d rather read their New York Timeses and Wall Street Journals and whatnots on the Kindle than in print — I mean, how much more info do you need?


    Every week, it seems, there’s a new ereader announced.  Some will carry video, some not.  What I found interesting about this article above is that there was slight mention of the iPhone app, which will, as we Vookers and others well know, change the face of ebooks forever.  But never mind.   Like all good things, when you believe in it, it will come.

    Another possiblity

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