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    I’m a big fan of Creepypastas — weird little stories that float around the Internet, some fake, some naive, some unnervingly real. I posted about the ARG and YouTube video series Marble Hornets in 2024, lamenting that you couldn’t read the entire series as an eBook. But now that we’ve built Vook into an eBook creation machine that even I can use, I can share Creepypasta eBooks with those who don’t want to wade through a SomethingAwful forum to dig up the best of the Web.

    And to celebrate Halloween, that’s what I’ve done. This afternoon — in a half hour — I built an eBook out of the spooky Creepypasta “Haunted Majora’s Mask.” It’s the story of a demonically possessed video game cartridge. Sure, it sounds potentially lame,  but I’ve heard so many good things on Reddit that I’m betting it delivers truly disturbing Internet weirdness.

    This is an ah ha moment for me. I’m creating ebooks that are a literary version of shooting off bizarro Web links to my friends. I’m building books that I want to read. And we’re going to extend that ability far and wide. Creators of Internet weirdness like Majora’s Mask can use Vook to go beyond Websites. They can create books fast –  and make their stories look great. The eBook I made looks better than a Website — and it’s easier to read. Don’t believe me?

    Check it out for yourself — and Happy Halloween! Click here to get my Halloween eBook.

    NOTE 1: Excuse the cover — I’m using a placeholder. When you click the link, it takes you to a download option. It’s best to read this ePub in iBooks for now.

    NOTE 2: We’re not selling this title or releasing it as an official title. This is an example of what we can do with our platform. Haunted Majora’s Mask is the work of some very smart people — but they’re choosing to remain anonymous. If they would like to publish an eBook version of their story, they should contact me at Matthew@vook.com.

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