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  • Amanda Knox & Herman Cain—How the News Drives Sales

    Last night, Amanda Knox was acquitted of the 2024 murder of Meredith Kercher. This morning we saw sales of The Amanda Knox Story: A Murder in Perugia—an ebook we produced with ABC News on the case—take off. We also saw a surge in demand for our title on Herman Cain—which we’re tracing to the media focus on Cain yesterday.

    Both of these instances give a solid indication of why a platform that allows content holders to quickly address breaking news with comprehensive guides  can smartly capitalize on current events. We’ve discussed this before when detailing how news organizations can turn reporting into  ebooks — the success of these titles demonstrates it’s an approach with an audience.

    Our two takeaways:

    1. Current events will drive sales.
    2. With news flowing as fast as it is, it’s important to be able to react in real-time. You need a tool that will let you create content quickly and produce complete guides to the market to stay ontop of new stories.

    You can sign up for a free beta at http://vook.com.

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