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    We sent an update about Vook to our beta registrants yesterday (hi, all of you!) and the response was overwhellming. People are excited about getting into the platform! And we’re excited to give it to you! I’m getting back to the individual requests today and tomorrow, so I appreciate your patience if you wrote me. If you haven’t heard about what we’re up to, I’ll recap the highlights below.

    And if you haven’t joined the Vook beta, go do it now and get in on the world’s best, greatest, most enjoyable, forthcoming easy eBook creation machine.

    From the email

    Vook helps people easily create exceptional digital books, distribute them to the major marketplaces, and track their sales. Our cloud-based experience allows creators anywhere to access the tool, as well as share files and ideas with other colleagues, authors and partners.

    We’ve produced more than 800 eBooks with the battle-tested Vook technology — resulting in 2.5 million downloads. With your content and the Vook platform, you’ll have everything you need to create, store and sell large catalogues of digital masterpieces.

    The Vook platform is more than technology — it’s a distinctive production and social experience for eBook creators. Inside the platform, Vook’s “Love & Support” feature provides one click access to a community of people who are immersed in the world of eBook creation, 24/7. The community also offers an extensive library of eBook expertise with hundreds of documents, videos tutorials, sample eBook covers, CSS templates, and links to countless resources to help you along the way.

    If technology is about solving problems — Vook delivers.

    When we studied the digital market, we discovered publishers were getting the job done, but it was painful and expensive with considerable opportunity costs managing the back and forth with multiple vendors, a range of processes, a variety of technologies and a hodge-podge of reporting inputs. As one publisher said, “We have learned to live with it, but frankly it is a mess”.

    Vook’s primary focus is to stop the hassle of creating eBooks. We identified the pain points and are delivering the solution. Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect with Vook:

    • Everyone wants an easy way to control quality and better manage their workflow. Improved authoring tools and push button publishing capabilities have become essential. Publishers are hungry for real time QA, and a dashboard to analyze sales and behavior results.
    • File conversion is another thorny issue we’ve worked hard to solve. In our new platform, we offer a quick and easy way to import Word and ePub documents, videos, images, and even audio files. Vook converts it all on the fly and enables you to edit the style and formatting.
    • We are also introducing an innovative, built-in styling tool allowing publishers to take eBook aesthetics from boring and ordinary to vibrant and extraordinary.
    • Real time title rendering lets you see your eBook the way it will look in ePub—allowing you to create and review at the same time, in the same place.
    • Ultimately, publishers and authors must sell their eBooks and Vook’s ability to distribute to the major digital marketplaces makes this part a cinch. Vook allows distribution to B&N, Amazon, and the iBookstore.

    The vision at Vook from the beginning has been to create better eBooks. We listened and worked with publishers to determine what we needed to do to achieve that vision. We produced hundreds of titles ourselves and with our partners. Then we took all that knowledge and gave it to our awesome product and engineering team to build a one-of-a-kind eBook publishing platform.

    Again, sign up for the beta to get in on the special opportunities I only offer in the emails. You can sign up here: http://vook.com

    Matthew Cavnar

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