How to View Your Ebook

  • Content will reflow from page to page depending upon your ebook reader’s screen size and font size.
  • There will be some differences in styling depending upon what your ebook reader supports. Ebooks display differently in different ebook readers, just like websites render differently in different browsers and on different computers.
  • If your ebook has embedded audio or video elements, it’s known as “enhanced.”
    The ebook readers which support "side-loading" enhanced ebooks for testing purposes include:
    • iBooks app on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch
    • Nook Color, Nook Tablet, or Nook HD/HD+
    • Kindle Previewer
  • On this page:

On a PC/Mac

On an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

  • Use the latest version of iBooks.

  • How to transfer an epub to your iOS device via a USB cable:
    1. Drag the epub file from your computer onto iTunes > Books (or select “Add to Library” from the iTunes file menu)

    2. Plug your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch device into your computer.
    3. Sync the device with your computer.

    4. The book will automatically appear on your device’s shelf in iBooks.
  • How to transfer an ebook onto your iOS device via a Vookmaker email:
    1. On your iOS device, open an email with a link to the ePub preview.

    2. Choose “Open in iBooks.” The ebook will take a 1-2 minutes to download if it’s a large file.

  • Best practices:
    • Test enhanced ebooks in iBooks.
    • The iPad caches CSS. If you don’t see styling changes reflected...
      • Delete the old epub from iBooks.
      • Turn off and turn on your iOS device.
      • Download the new epub.
    • Use Book Proofer 1.0.1 if you have an iTunes Connect account.

On a Nook

How to transfer an epub to your Nook via a USB cable
  1. Connect the Nook to your computer and access it in Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (PC).
  2. Locate the folder: My Nook > MyFiles > Books
  3. Drag and drop the ebook (epub file) to that folder
  4. Search your Nook Library for the ebook's title

Best practices:
  • Turn on Publisher Defaults.
  • Use a Nook Color or Nook Tablet to test enhanced ebooks.

On a Kindle

  • To preview mobi files on the computer, use Kindle Previewer. It has viewing modes for each Kindle model.
  • How to transfer mobi files to your Kindle:
    1. Connect the Kindle to the computer.
    2. The Kindle will load as a storage device called "kindle" on the Desktop (Mac) or My Computer (PC)
    3. Open the "books" or the "documents" folder located inside the "kindle" storage device.
    4. Drag and drop the mobi file to one of these two folders on your Kindle